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A multi-platform 2D game engine written in C++ with a particular focus on performance that can be used for games, tools and demos.
It’s integrated with ImGui, RenderDoc and the Tracy frame profiler.

Categories Game Engine

PathFinder – Shooter Game, 3D Platform

Shooter Game, Platform 3d.

Categories Game Engine

Conference Hall

Conference Hall is an opened SaaS platform to manage call for papers for your conferences and meetups. Speaker writes a talk once and can submit it to every event of the platform.

Talent Forest

Fill the form and get the perfect resume: nice looking – one page – well structured!


A cli that generates changelog for repositories using gitmoji commits convention.


CLI that generates beautiful files.
readme-md-generator is able to read your environment (package.json, git config…) to suggest you default answers during the creation process.


bento-starter is an Open-Source Full-Stack solution that helps you to build fast and maintainable web applications using tools like Vue.js, Firebase, Progressive Web Apps support, offline support…


QuickPerf is a testing library for Java to quickly evaluate and improve some performance properties.


Simple Web User Interface for Apache Pulsar. It helps users to manage Pulsar clusters components (topics, functions, …).

Categories Frontend Library

Composer for Hedera Hashgraph

Brings Hedera Hashgraph to your browser

Hash Name Service

Like DNS, but for Hedera Hashgraph


Yet Another Image Scraper


Kumite will be a library that, added to any HTTP service, it will asynchronously record request & responses to create a solid integration test suite automatically.


ipvsctl is a desired-state, model-based cli frontend for ipvs, linux’ kernel load balancing facility. It allows for easy setup of Load Balancers & Proxies. “ipvsctl apply”!

NewBark: a Pokemon-like 2D Retro RPG Game Engine

This engine aims to set the basis for any retro-style monster-collecting game.

Categories Game Engine


Wendigo (/wɛndɪɡo/) simplify your front-end and end-to-end automated testing using Puppeteer.


Ok, it’s not easy but I try to do it differently! This is the story on how to make the first Artificial General Intelligence or AGI. Through the graphic novel Metaquid and the AI ​​named Hanah.

Categories Backend Framework