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bento-starter is an Open-Source Full-Stack solution that helps you to build fast and maintainable web applications using tools like Vue.js, Firebase, Progressive Web Apps support, offline support…


Simple Web User Interface for Apache Pulsar. It helps users to manage Pulsar clusters components (topics, functions, …).

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Composer for Hedera Hashgraph

Brings Hedera Hashgraph to your browser


The first open source software detecting the font of a text in a photo. Started as an experiment when I was in high school.


A user friendly server mocking tool, simply include a js file in your application and you’ll get a rich mocking experience!

Open Source Public Administration Software as A Service

Build the next platform for the PA to improve their efficency and build the best enviroment for us citizen.

Angular Liquid Cache

A powerful, automatic and optimized Angular2/7+ cache system that fits everywhere!

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This JavaScript-based tool lets you type in your chosen keyboard layout even if the layout is not installed on your computer. Also you can simulate key presses using your mouse.

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It’s a Django app with a library for jQuery to load specified sections of the website by Ajax in separate requests. Using this library, you can save time for the initial page load.


A python interpreter created using skulpt-js library which enables user to intrerpret basic python scripts also includes turtle standard library execution.
It has a well designed UI

Golden Ratio Animation

This is the softwae written in python which shows the animation Golden Ratio

Word meaning dictionary

Software is completely written in c/c++
A large Oxford dictionary wordlist is embedded.


Finds ASCII character corresponding to the number given by you


This is a basic software to plot linear plots and it is compltely written in python.
Librarie(s) required:


An implementation of the Elm compiler written in Elm itself, with focus on readability, simplicity, experimentation and extensibility.