Backend Library


QuickPerf is a testing library for Java to quickly evaluate and improve some performance properties.


Kumite will be a library that, added to any HTTP service, it will asynchronously record request & responses to create a solid integration test suite automatically.


Wendigo (/wɛndɪɡo/) simplify your front-end and end-to-end automated testing using Puppeteer.

Hash Name Service

Like DNS, but for Hedera Hashgraph


ipvsctl is a desired-state, model-based cli frontend for ipvs, linux’ kernel load balancing facility. It allows for easy setup of Load Balancers & Proxies. “ipvsctl apply”!


Personal Photo Management powered by Go and Google TensorFlow. Free and open-source. 4,000+ stars on GitHub.


A software detecting the technologies and services behind websites. You pass a URL and this software detects web frameworks, server software, frontend libraries, widgets and more…

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Open Source Public Administration Software as A Service

Build the next platform for the PA to improve their efficency and build the best enviroment for us citizen.


It’s a Django app with a library for jQuery to load specified sections of the website by Ajax in separate requests. Using this library, you can save time for the initial page load.

Word meaning dictionary

Software is completely written in c/c++
A large Oxford dictionary wordlist is embedded.


This is a basic software to plot linear plots and it is compltely written in python.
Librarie(s) required: