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      Hi, yes. I have been working with Wappalyzer for months. I created Vision because Wappalyzer has many problems: 1. Wappalyzer is using a fake headless browser (a browser used for unit testing) which returns inconsistent results (read their issues); 2. Wappalyzer is changing API and using bad design each release, breaking your software; 3. The applications are superficially defined, for instance Wappalyzer can’t distinguish between Facebook Like Button or Facebook Share Button, it just returns Facebook. This is why I created Vision: it uses Chrome as headless browser, it returns the version of each detected service and each service is atomically defined. I designed Vision as modular as possible. Vision returns more information about applications and can return also specific information for each detected application, for instance if it detects YouTube Video Player you also get the exact URL of the embedded video.

    • Wappalyzer is really broken, sometimes scans for the same website gives me different results. as far as I know, there are no open-source alternatives for doing this, only proprietary services, so great work!

  • Good luck my friend 🙂