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BuddyBug is a platform that helps you connect and meet other people based on the only activities that you both want to do. Register, upload your activity and wait until someone swipes right on your “Bug”


This Project is HUGE & EVERY VOTE MATTERS!! Only the project with the most votes wins the final €5000 prize! #softwaredevelopment #SoftwareEngineering #SoftwareArchitecture #softwaredeveloper #java #js #php #python #code Click To Tweet

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  • I read on twitter that some of prize will be going to charity – that really touched me, good luck – hope you win!

  • Hope you develop an iphone version soon enough

  • All the votes of this app are fake… this app has less than 10 downloads and it randomly recevies 30 upvotes in 5 minutes and then suddenly stops.., actually I want to know how to donate amazon gifts to charity…

    • C

      Hi Filip!
      First of all, I share the link with my friends and twitter account so I can get as many as votes as I can 🙂
      Second, a charity can use amazon gift cards for a lot of things. For example, if the charity builds gardens for kids to play they can buy new building tools of Amazon.
      Third, BuddyBug has more than 10 downloads, but not nearly as many as I want – and that’s why it is important to me win!
      You’re welcome to message me for more info or give me a review for BuddyBug, Thanks for the comment!

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