Peer-Review Template

Peer-review is our bread and butter. In case you find it easier to use our template feel free to use this as a starter in the comments section:


Hi, In my opinion, Your project is great/useful/unique/fun/inspiring/original. I checked out your code and it is useful/incorrect/perfect. I think these might be points of improvement. I suggest 1. 2. 3. It seems to me that using/substituting etc X with Y is going to give you a better/faster/cheaper result. Keep up the good work! 
I recommend you this project. It is XXX and YYY. Vote on it, so the owner can win the Top Prize on! Click To Tweet

Why use this?

If you are a software developer there is 1 thing you do not have enough of time.

When you make the effort to review other people’s side-projects, constructing a unique and lengthy evaluation will take you TIME.

By providing you with this somewhat standard template we hope you will be able to give more developers the potential to get some proper exposure.

We Care If You Share.

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